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Buy an apartment now and pay for it later!

A lot of families and young people dream about buying an apartment. Yet it is difficult to make such a purchase, so the dream may stay the dream for a long time. Living in a rented apartment only delays the purchase of the cherished dwelling, as money isn’t invested in your own apartment, but in the well-being of the owner of the rented one. Construction company “Integral-Bud” has taken care of its clients and has designed a favorable installment system from the developer in order to make the desired dwelling closer and more accessible. Yes, the apartments in Chernivtsi have become much more affordable. 

Favorable installment system from the developer is not just a promotional slogan, it is the reality! Construction company “Integral-Bud” offers favorable installment without the involvement of third-party financial institutions and their interest! You have the possibility to purchase an apartment in Chernivtsi in the residential complex “Kyivskyi” using the installment system for 3 years with the monthly payment of 17 400 hrn. It is true, the longed for own apartment becomes much more accessible and affordable!

Installment system for apartments from “Integral-Bud” provides a lot of advantages and doesn’t involve any hidden conditions. The first payment is only 10% of the total cost of the apartment in the residential complex “Kyivskyi”. This way of purchasing helps save the money as there is no overpayment on the interest rate. The execution of the installment system itself isn’t burdened with the bureaucratic procedures, so the apartments with installment system in Chernivtsi can be purchased with maximum comfort.

Installment system from the developer is the best way to receive the apartment with maximum speed, if there is no possibility to pay for the apartment at once. Choose an apartment with installment system in Chernivtsi in the residential complex “Kyivskyi” and fulfil your dreams! The newly built apartments in Chernivtsi are much more affordable than they seem!

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